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    Previewing the PDF document generated of Web output PAK

      we are using web output PAK to generate the PDF document.we are using the (Print Agent)command line parameters to merge the template and data.Is it possible to save and print the generated document with a single command or series of command? and How can we preview the generated PDF document ?.
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          I'm not sure I understand what the issues are but here goes anyway...

          The Output Server uses the "job" concept for processing files. Each job can be a series of "tasks". Each task is a single program (labeled an "agent") and can do one or several things. Normal print jobs might consist of just a single job (Print Agent) but a job can be defined that contains several tasks. For example, we have written some of our own "agents" so we might have a multi-task job that: 1) runs an agent that uses the data to update a database and/or retrieve additional data and add it to the file, 2) runs an agent the transfers a copy of the data to another server, and finally 3) runs the print agent. Therefore, to answer your first question, yes you can set up a job that both saves and prints the document.

          For previewing a document, Output Server comes with a "Preview Agent" that sends the PDF to an IP # that is defined as a parameter on the ^job statement. The receiving PC has to be running the "View Manager" software to be able to receive and view it. The "Preview Agent" is an optional install so it might not be loaded on your server. The install for the "View Manager" is found in a folder on the server.