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    Detecting failuers of Jetforms Services...


      Just wanted to know if there was a automated way of detecting failures in jetforms.

      Failures for Jetforms can occur in an number of places:
      Jetforms Services.
      windows print spools.
      Large job blocks queue, smaller jobs queue behind it.

      Is there a way to detect that jobs are being processed by jetforms... that is, if the Jetforms queue is empty for more then 10 mintues raise a alert, or if the jetforms queue starts filling up over a 10 minute period has more then 100 jobs in the queue.


      Michael Leiws
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          I think one solution could be to have an external timer program that should be called at the beginning and the end of ANY job you configured in Jetform.

          As soon as the job starts, the 1st program call set a timer in your program, while at the end of the job you can reset your timer. If between the two steps the timer exceed 10minutes (or whatever) then you can raise an error from the timer program.

          This external program should be quite easy to implement, as you don't need to manage concurrent timers, because Jetform jobs processing is serialized, so one job at a time.

          Just an idea.

          Best regards,
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            You can set up Windows services (such as the print spooler) to run a program that can notify you (via email) that the service has terminated. Central Pro itself runs a "jfshutdn" task when it shuts down and this custom agent can email you.

            If you have "large jobs" that can block the queue then you should set up Central so it has multiple instances and separate where the jobs are stored.

            It isn't just "large jobs" that can block the queue. We use FTP to transfer files to a HQ server for "archiving" and we use email for error notifications. Both of these processes will occasionally hang and cause the custom agent to hang, thus blocking the queue.
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              Tom and Marco,

              Thanks for the reply...

              We currently have multiple queues, the issue seems to be when monthly reports are run by users during the day (large) they block invoices from printing. I am thinking if I can write a custom task that checks the size of the dat file and moves all the large dat files (over 25K) to a report queue.

              Or somehow read what the type of job is and move it to the report queue.

              I have setup the print spooler to email me when the service fails. On the Unix side we have just moved over to using FTP to transfer files... the process that runs this is also setup to send a email and sms when it encounters errors.

              Hope that covers everything.

              Thanks for you help.

              Michael L
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                Plz can you let me know on unix side how u have setup the process to notify. I am also looking for the same solution.
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                  hi all,
                  can anybody let me know wht file system ( FAt32/NTFS) should be in place for our sever to install JETFORM.