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    List of compatible printers


      Does anyone know if there is a list of compatible printers available somewhere for version Central output server 5.5?

      One of our customers bought a new printer HP Laserjet P2015 but there is a problem with the font arial. We have tried to compile the mdf-file with different drivers (PCL5, PCL6 and PS) but it always comes out as courier instead of arial. The same mdf-file works fine on older HP printers.

      The customer now wants to buy a new printer but needs information on what to buy.


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          I had the same problem with HP LaserJet 2550. No way to print in PCL.

          Adobe said that simply that printer is not supported.

          I've been able to print using the hp4000m driver (if I'm not wrong), that is a PostScript one.
          Unfortunately, it happened that jfmerge went stuck and block the input queue so I had to terminate the process.
          It didn't happen often, nor always. Just sometimes.

          So, the solution we're trying to apply is to change the printer.

          The supported printers are those ones you can find in the list of presentment targets.
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            Marco, I read your thread previously and we have already tried the hp4000m driver with the same result as the other drivers we tested (no arial).

            Thanks for stating the obvious! :) I never considered that the list I was looking for was in the design tool. I compiled a list and sent it to our customer.

            Thanks again!

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              No problem ;)