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    URGENT - 64kb Limitation in the input queue

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      I'm having problems with a large text file coming from our legacy system. We print from a Unix system to windows JetForm (Output server 5.5).

      Data never comes to Jetform if the printed file's size is bigger than exactly 64kb. I've tested it and I've been able to print 65535 characters, but I wasn't able to print 65536 characters.

      I think it's a limitation of the "Generic / TextOnly" printer driver used to configure the Output Server input queue (the named pipe), but that's just what the JetForm documentation says when dealing with JetForm installation.

      Does anyone have a solution/informations about it?

      Thanx to all,
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          I am not 100% sure of your current enviroment but I can describe how we get around this.

          Instead of using Unix / Windows print services we have a Unix script that FTPs each dat file directly to the jetform instance Data folder. This way you dont have to worry about the input queue (named pipes).

          The script that we use also can detect failure of Jetforms and keeps the load between our 2 physical jetforms servers even.

          Your Unix support specialist may be able to put in somthing similar.