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    How to use central output server in JSP application

      Dear All,

      We have developed a jsp application which is running on JBoss.We want to create receipts in PDF format.For this we are using central output server.Our approach is as follows:

      When request comes from the user, we are generating .dat file by fetching data from the Oracle database depending upon credentials and then pushing this file into data folder of Central output server.From there we are waiting for PDF file in predefined path.Here we found this is asynchronous way of producing receipts.
      Is there any other way that is synchronous or the way we are approaching is the only way of doing it.A sample would be of immense help.

      Note:The concurrent hits would be around 5000 in a peak hour.Any help would be highly appreciated.
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          I don't think you can get things to operate in a synchronous manner. You have one application - perhaps running on a totally separate server - feeding data files to a different application. The only way to make it even semi-sychronous would be to throttle the JSP application in some way to prevent it from placing a new file into Central's data folder while there was already one there.

          I assume your problem is knowing which PDF belongs to which user. If that is the case you could send some type of unique identfier (IP#?) as a "job" parameter that would then be used as the specific PDF file name instead of letting Central create a random file name.