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    Kyocera 9500 driver config

    Rubi Tuesday Level 1
      Hi all,
      I'm am generating a pcl file for the printer Kyocera 9500. I've tried various hp printer drivers for this and the pcl file is generated, however, the problem I'm having is that the tray selection is out of whack. I'm selecting 3 different trays but one always sends to the manual tray no matter what I do.
      Does anyone know the closest driver config to use for this printer or a solution to selecting the correct tray?

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          That isn't a printer I've used so I don't have a direct solution for you. What I've done in the past is to modify the tray values within the ICS file so that they match what the printer needs to see within the tray selection command. Presumably you can get the proper value from the printer's documentation, the vendor or the manufacturer. Careful, though; sometimes the documentation is wrong - it was for me with an HP printer; then it is trial & error finding the value needed.

          Open the ICS file with Notepad. Search for the value "InputTray" and then scroll down a bit because there are several entries. The first value after the label "InputTray" is what brings forth the description when you use the "Format Page" window to select the input tray. I used trial & error to come up with the descriptions I wanted. The second value is what is used in the tray selection command.
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            Rubi Tuesday Level 1
            Thanks for your reply. You've pretty much explained what I suspected. I was hoping that someone may have gotten there before me with this driver, nevertheless I'll jump into the ICS file and see if i can make a real mess of it.

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