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    Adobe Central Output Server on AS400

      I am about to implement Rel 5.5 Output Server for the AS400. We also have backup AS400 in another location. We are not going to pass jfserver.log or jfserver.bak files over to the backup box. Are there any other files that would not need to sent over ?
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          You may or may not want to pass the Central\Server\Error folder. Central puts all DAT files that it errors off and their associated ERR log file entries in this folder. If your primary server were to go down you might - or might not - want these files.

          We are having some problems with the Windows 2000 Print Spooler crashing. This causes the Central print agent to error because it can't reach the printer. When this occurs we have to access the folder and move the failed jobs back to the \data (collector) folder.

          Of course it isn't quite that simple because our print jobs are multi-step, including updating a mainframe database and adding records to a SQL "archive" database, with the print creation the final step. We set up multiple jobs that do the appropriate steps whenever we have to restart a job after it fails at a certain point. Thus before moving these failed jobs back to the collector folder we have to change the job name so the appropriate restart job is ran. This gets to be a hassle when there are a lot of failed jobs so we are writing a program to do it for us.

          We've also written a couple of program to notify us via email when certain failures occur. For example, when the Print Spooler dies for the 3rd time (it is automatically restarted the first 2 times) we receive an email. Also, when Central puts a job in the error folder we get an email via the JFERROR task. We've also had a couple of instances of Central just terminating itself and therefore not processsing any jobs so we are also writing a program to email us when that happens (via the JFSHUTDN task).