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    Special character (  )  causes JFTRANS to stop processing

    Andreas Lenzinger
      we have an issue with some data from the main frame. In case the data stream contains the character "" JFTRANS stops at this mark. All the rest of the file is not processed.
      We tried to make a Character Mapping from to a space. As a result we receive an error message "Invalid or missing File "search string" Return code=221)"
      the mapping look like this in the .tdf file:

      ==== Character Mapping Table :
      ==== C[from character][to character] or C "from-string" "to-string"
      C "" " "

      we tried also to perform this with:

      From text: \u001A
      to text: \u0000

      we get back "Some characters in the 'From' string are not valid Unicode."

      input properties: symbol set: unknown
      output properties: symbol set: unknown
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          I'm afraid I can't help you get past that character nor can I explain the errors but if that character is stopping the processing then I'm sure that character mapping would
          b not
          do the job for you even if you get past the error (the error is probably caused by the character itself in the TDF file). I don't think character mapping would help because my manual indicates the substitution is done "just before it writes the data to the output file". JFTRANS would have had to handle the character up to that point.

          Out of curiosity, what is that character and what is it used for?
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            Andreas Lenzinger Level 1
            jetform is not showing any error. Even in the Trans Editor by doing a test trans you can see, that the file just ends at the
            The character itself is generated on the main frame by an user entry. On the main frame this does not cause an issue, but for jetform, this causes an end of file condition.
            If you want I can send test data incl. the .tdf and .jmd file.
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              I don't know if it would work but you might try setting up a translation table. I don't know if the translation is done when reading the input file or when writing the output file. If it is done when reading the input this
              i might

              The software uses the "jetkeys.ini file to define various translations (Roman 8 to Unicode, etc). In most instances it refers to another file which apparently contains the complete symbol set. In a few cases it appears to have the entries within the jetkeys.ini file.

              I don't know exactly how you would set up the "Translate" values to get the software to do it (maybe [Translate 102 to 102] ?).

              An alternative would be to write a custom agent that would search for the character and change it into something benign (a particular character or string of characters that would never be in the data) so that JFTRANS would process all the data and then another agent to change it back. Keep in mind that custom agents need to be defined within jfserver.ini for things to work smoothly.