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    Printer Table question - AIX 5.3L

      Hello everyone,

      Before I explain the setup I'm working with and ask my question, I just wanted to explain that I got thrown in 1/2 through someone's project so I'm not super familiar with Central Pro so please bear with me.

      We have a server with AIX5.3L loaded on it as well as Adobe Central Pro 5.6. This install was brought to me by our developers and they handed me some documentation that had a small walkthrough how to set up the printing for a Unix environment.

      I was asked to set it up so that they could try and test print to a printer right near my desk which is on a Windows 2003 Server.

      I went through the walkthrough and checked the logs and the logs said that one face had been printed yet nothing was on the printer. I read up a bit and tried a few other things and now I'm currently getting the following errors:

      [2]Error opening output device/file '//xxx.xxx.xx.xx/ITOOffsys4200-M16'.
      2007/05/23 15:04:58 jfserver: [306]Processing file 'excomma.dat', '^job excomma -afp"../etc/exprint/forms" -alp"../etc/exprint/logos" -d'.
      2007/05/23 15:04:58 jfserver: [307]Launching task '"/usr/local/adobe/central/bin/jfmerge" /usr/local/adobe/central/server1/etc/exprint/forms/excomma.mdf /usr/local/adobe/central/server1/data/excomma.dat -axml -j -apr -allstdout -asl1 -amq0 -ams/usr/local/adobe/central/server1/mst/prntr1.mst -m2T -z"//xxx.xxx.xx.xx/ITOOffsys4200-M16" -afp"../etc/exprint/forms" -alp"../etc/exprint/logos" -d -aii/usr/local/adobe/central/server1/etc/jfmerge.ini'.
      2007/05/23 15:04:58 /usr/local/adobe/central/bin/jfmerge: [125]* Processing data file: '/usr/local/adobe/central/server1/data/excomma.dat'.
      2007/05/23 15:04:58 /usr/local/adobe/central/bin/jfmerge: [289]MDF file `/usr/local/adobe/central/server1/etc/exprint/forms/excomma.mdf' opened.
      2007/05/23 15:04:58 /usr/local/adobe/central/bin/jfmerge: [2]Error opening output device/file '//xxx.xxx.xx.xx/ITOOffsys4200-M16'.
      2007/05/23 15:04:58 /usr/local/adobe/central/bin/jfmerge: [210]Nothing was printed.
      2007/05/23 15:04:58 jfserver: [314]Agent exit message: [2]Error opening output device/file '//xxx.xxx.xx.xx/ITOOffsys4200-M16'.

      My question(s) is this. Is it possible to print from AIX to a Windows printer on the same network with this software and if anyone has done this successfully would it be possible to see what your printer table definition looks like to see if I'm defining mine correctly?

      Thanks in advance for any information