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    Remove Instance of Central


      I was setting up some instances of Central and in Central Control there are two instances with the same name. It's causing some problems and I'd like to remove the duplicate (or both)and get things right. Wiping things out and starting over doesn't really seem to be an option since I have 12 Jetforms printers set up already. Does anyone know of a way to do what I need?
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          I have not found a way to remove an instance without reinstalling but...

          I assume it is the instance name that is duplicated (what you see when you use the File menu to select an instance). If that is the case, then just use the Configuration menu, Central Control Process selection to change the names to what you want.

          The system tech that did my initial installation goofed and created an undesired instance on my servers. I just named it "UNUSED" and then modified the "install.ini" file in the ...\Central\Control folder so that this instance was physically last in the list so it would be out of my way when using the "select" menu.

          If you do need to scrap everything and reinstall, but want to save any printer, task & job definitions, just save the "jfserver.jmd" file before removing the software. Then copy it back after reinstalling the software. Note - if you have unique printers, etc. in various instances (instead of all of them being defined the same) then you will want to save and restore the file from each unique instance folder.
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            I had looked at the configuration menu and Central Control Process before and my findings were that they have different entries under the Central Name category, the entries under the Description are the same, and under the section for Configuration File they list the same information.
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              My suggestion then is to check the "ServerX" folders under ...\Central\ and compare them to the Configuration File values for each of the instances and try to determine if one of the physical folders does not have a reference. If that is the case, then perhaps changing the Configuration File value for the duplicate might be all you need. - Then again, it might not be all that is needed.

              If the installation process did actually use the same folder structure name (Server4 for example) for two instances, then your choices are to either uninstall/reinstall (after saving the jfserver.jmd file(s)) or just rename the duplicate in the configuration list as "do not use" and move it to the end of the list as I indicated previously.

              For a clean installation, you will want to reinstall. I chose to live with the tech persons goof because this was a minor situation after a half dozen prior attempts that were much worse (I should have done it myself).
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                I don't want this to come off as a silly question but which configuration file would I be looking at for this? I'm not too experienced at this and it's been a learn as you go type of thing for me.

                The two instances are identified as JFsm4 and one has the central name Central11 and the other Central10

                I have all the other instances set up and they are all working properly, except this one that is listed twice. When I set up the printer for this one I originally tried to use the named pipe \\.\pipe\jetform\server10 and Windows said it couldn't find the specified file. After that I used \\.\pipe\jetform\server11 and it at least let me set up the printer. That is what lead me to believe the one with the Central Name of Server10 was invalid.
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                  By "Configuration File" I was referring to the entry on the "Edit Central Control Configuration" form that you get when you click on the "Edit" button when viewing the "Central Control Configuration" form you get when clicking on the "Edit File" button when "Central Control Process" is highlighted on the "Configure Central and Agents selection form.

                  Does that make it confusing enough? ;0)

                  In Central Control, click on Configuration, then highlight Central Control Process, click on Edit File, highlight the desired instance, click on Edit and you can change the Description and Configuration File values.

                  I was suggesting you check this value against all of the ...\Central\ServerX folders created as each instance was installed. (Note - the "ServerX" part of the name is the installation default name, your installation process could have modified this - that is how a duplicate / existing name could have been used.)
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                    Ah. Yes, I did this. Both instances use the C:\Adobe\Central\Server10\jfserver.ini
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                      My suggestion was to see if any of the physical folders was not referenced by one of the "Configuration File" values. If there was an "extra" folder, then you could assign it to the duplicate entry. If there is no extra folder then I think your only choice is to rebuild the instances or rename one of the instances so you know not to use it.
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                        Ok. It looks like I'll end up reinstalling and starting clean. On the reinstall is it possible just to copy the "ServerX" folders and use them to replace the default ones created by the fresh install? That would make infinitely easier.
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                          I don't think there would be any problem with saving the existing ServerX folders and restoring them on top of the new ones. I don't do the complete folders, just the JMD and a few of the INI files that I end up customizing for our us or the specific sites that the server will be ultimately installed at. The only caveats are that there are some values embedded within the INI files that need to match the server and the physical folder name that it resides in. For example, there is a "node" entry in the ...\Central\ServerX\jfserver.ini file that must match the corresponding "node" entry in the ...\Central\Control\install.ini file as well as the folder references within the various INI files (it wouldn't do to have an INI file that resides in the Server10 folder that references the Server11 folder structure).
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                            Thank you for all your help. It has been very much appreciated.
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                              I have numerious instances of output server. 11 in total.
                              I was wondering if there is a way of removing lets say server2,3,4,5. How do i go about isolating these and removing them?

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                                There really is no way without removing all instances and reinstalling what you want. References to the instances are buried throughout various files used by the Central "service" and the Central Control program (and maybe others). There may also be references in the Registry. In addition, we use FTP for getting DAT files to the instances and for the inactive ones we have the FTP service stopped.

                                What we do for inactive instances is have the program that runs as the JFSTARTUP task pause Central.