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    How can generate multiple PDF by XML?

      How can I create multiple PDF by XML? <br /><br />Exemple: I have one XML<br /><br />...<br /><Client><br />...       <br /></Cliente><br /><Cliente><br />...<br /></Cliente><br /><br />In this in case that I want two PDF... <br /><br />One PDF by tag <cliente>
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          Is this still an issue for you? If yes, then read on. If not then please say so on a posting.

          You could pre-process the XML data using the Transformation Agent to create a number of separate XML files which will each be processed by Central and each produce a single uniquely named PDF.

          If you use your data file as input to the Visual Transformation Editor (VTE) you can treat it as overlay data. Using the VTE you can create a TDF that will create separate files for each of the Cliente tags.

          In the VTE select and highlight an instance of <Cliente>, then go to the Define menu item and select "Output File Boundary". Your data file will now be split into a number of separate areas. There is more to be done to create the separate files, but this is the initial step.

          If you do not know how to use the VTE then please let me know.