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    Hi, please tell me how to use JetForms


      I have installed jet forms .
      I really don't know how to use it.

      Please tell me the procedure so that I will be able to create a template and take the printouts with insertion of external data.
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          I am new using JetForms too, since I didn't knew how to use it, I started by reading the Documentation, and it helped me a lot, when I have any doubt or trouble, I read the posts in this forum.

          First I started to learn how JetForms works, then how to use it.

          I hope you have a good starting, for any doubt, the experts of this forums will help you!

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            I didn't know you could still buy "JetForms". That is an ancient name from long prior to the software being purchased by Adobe. It has gone through several renamings over the years that I've been working with it (we still call it JetForm, though).

            Adobe Central Output Server, as it is called now-a-days, is essentially two pieces of software: the form designer software used on an individual's PC (currently called Adobe Output Designer but previously called JetForm Design) and the server software, previously known as Central or Central Pro.

            The designer software is used to define the form to be printed and locate data fields. The current version - and the last several versions - does not support "filler" capabilities; it only has printing features. The server software essentially merges data with the template and then creates an output file, usually for a printer but it could be for fax software or a PDF file. Something outside of this software has to provide the user "filler" capabilities and/or create the data files used by the server.

            With the server software you define "jobs", which are made up of one or more "tasks". Each task runs a particular program - which the software calls an 'agent'; it could be one that comes with the software, such as JFMERGE (which merges the data with the templates, creating the output file) or one that you create, called a custom agent. You define these jobs, tasks and printers using the "Central Control" program that comes with the software.

            A data file can be XML (which I don't know much about) or what the software calls a "field nominated" file. The field nominated file is what we use so that is what I'll describe. A data file is often referred to as a "DAT" file because that is the normal/default extension that the software uses. Each DAT file begins with a "job" line which contains the job name to be ran as well as other parameters used by the tasks. This line is followed by references to data fields and the form template(s) that the data is to be merged with. In a field nominated file each data field is referenced by a line that contains the name of the field followed by one or more lines that comprise the content of the field. Fields can be "local" or "global". When using local fields the form they are to be applied to is defined first, followed by the fields; if a local field is used on multiple forms or on multiple pages of a form it has to be in the file multiple times. When using global fields they only need to be defined once and can all be physically located prior to the lines defining what forms they are to be merged with.

            Something has to create the DAT file and then place it in the "collector" folder on the server. The server software is configured to either constantly or periodically check this collector folder. When it sees a file there it checks the first line to get the job name and then it runs each task that is defined for the job, passing the DAT file to each program in turn (or taking the output from one task and using it as the input to the next task).

            There is much more to it but that's it in a nutshell.
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              Hello All,
              I have a fulltime position for an entry to Jr level professional with 1-2 yrs of experience with JetForms or Adobe Central Output Server. This great opportunity is located in Columbia, SC with wonderfull benefits. I will also offer 500.00 for a referal when the person is working. I am really in need of this person!
              Call me or e-mail me your resume.

              Thank you for your time! Have a great day!
              Stephanie Winter
              Columbia, SC
              803-806-8100 xt 125
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                In relation to above - is this position still available as I would like to make further enquiries reagrding same.

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                  Can jetforms or its new iteration be used to create forms that have 2D Dot Matrix Barocdes?

                  Michael Stephenson
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                    Boy, this thread is sure being used a lot for subject matter far from the original question.

                    I don't know about the newest software that does what Central does but the following list is the barcodes that Central Pro (Jetforms) has:

                    2 of 5 Industrial
                    2 of 5 Industrial with Checksum
                    2 of 5 Matrix
                    2 of 5 Matrix with Checksum
                    2 of 5 Interleaved
                    2 of 5 Interleaved with Checksum
                    3 of 9 Large
                    3 of 9 Medium
                    3 of 9 Small
                    3 of 9 Compressed
                    3 of 9 with Checksum
                    ZIP+4 (US Postal)
                    ZIP (US Postal 5 digit)
                    DPBC (US Postal Delivery Point Barcode)
                    Code 128 Set A
                    Code 128 Set A Large
                    Code 128 Set B
                    Code 128 Set B Large
                    Code 128 Set C
                    Code 128 Set C Large
                    Code 128 Set C Medium (No Text)
                    UCC128-C SCC (Text Above)
                    AUSPOST (Standard Customer Barcode)
                    AUSPOST (Standard)(Text Above)
                    AUSPOST (Customer Barcode 2)
                    AUSPOST (Customer 2)(Text Above)
                    AUSPOST (Customer Barcode 3)
                    AUSPOST (Customer 3)(Text Above)
                    AUSPOST (Reply Paid)
                    AUSPOST (Reply Paid)(Text Above)

                    They are all defined a particular size and you can not change the size in the design software like you can with some software. Changes are possible by manually editing the barcode definition file associated with the particular barcode. I tried this once with lousy results and another time I was able to do a minor change to increase the width of the bars & spaces for the barcode we use when it is for the PDF "font". Our scanning equipment didn't like the "squished" barcode very much and would reject it more than half the time.
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                      I would add PDF417 2D and MacroPDF417 2D as supported barcodes.
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                        added note....you said "dot matrix"...dot matrix support is very limited...check the "Presentment Target" list to assure that your printer is supported