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    Can Central Pro output editable PDF forms?

      One of our clients is using Central Pro to pre-fill various form fields on a medical form. Most of the form data will be available, but some will not. Thus, certain fields may need to be edited after the form is generated by Central Pro. So, my question is this: can Central Pro output an editable PDF form that can be edited in Acrobat 6 Professional? If so, does this apply to all versions of Central Pro or only certain ones?

      Our client is using the Unix version of Central Pro, and has been told that version is uncapable of delivering editable forms. I'm trying to verify.

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          Dave the information you have been given is correct. The PDF files produced in Central Pro cannot be edited. The idea is that the document is being rendered as final output. e.g. You would not want a client to be able to edit an invoice you sent them via email.

          You would need to use the form designer and form server product to create pdf forms that can be edited.