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    Printer Tray configuration

      Hi <br /><br />I'm having abit of an issue at the moment in terms of printers trays . We have recently purchased a Océ 5112 Printer which has 8 trays, we were previously printing using only a 4 tray printer.<br /><br />I have modifed the ICS printer driver oce_vhi.ics file as follows  <br /><br />; PCL5 version of Input Tray Selection file for Oce 31X5 and 84X5<br />;<br />;  Input trays:  Format= "InputTray <jetform ID> <printer tray> [<tray name>]<br /><br />InputTray   1       20   ; Tray 1<br />InputTray   2       21   ; Tray 2<br />InputTray   3       22   ; Tray 3<br />InputTray   4       23   ; Tray 4<br />InputTray   5       25   ; Tray 5<br />InputTray   6       26   ; Tray 6<br />InputTray   7       27   ; Tray 7<br />InputTray   8       28   ; Tray 8<br /><br />Printing is fine from trays 1-4, however we when get to tray 5, it appears to skip to the next tray (ie tray 6) and so on for the remaining tray calls. I've been able to examine the PCL file which looks like it's calling a 9th tray which I haven't defined.<br /><br />I'm not sure what the issue is but can anyone point me to what I should be checking??<br /><br />Thanks <br />Josephine
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          I don't know what values are correct for your printer but from your description it may not be a coincidence that you went from 23 for tray 4 to 25 for tray 5 (skipping 24).
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            Hi Tom <br /><br />I think you may be right,the only reason we're not using code 24 is because it was set up as some sort of default tray.<br /><br /> I did try and change the driver file to the following and recreate the output for all 8 trays as follows<br /><br />InputTray 1 20 ; Tray 1 <br />InputTray 2 21 ; Tray 2 <br />InputTray 3 22 ; Tray 3 <br />InputTray 4 23 ; Tray 4 <br />InputTray 5 24 ; Tray 5 (this corresponds to <Esc>&l24H below)<br />InputTray 6 25 ; Tray 6 <br />InputTray 7 26 ; Tray 7 <br />InputTray 8 27 ; Tray 8 <br /><br />but we we printed, we still had an issue with the tray calls.<br />However the printer I believe was still looking at this escape sequence as some sort of default tray and not specifically as Tray 5.<br /><br />The original escape seqencences for the new printer that were sent to me were:<br /><br /><Esc>&l20H ---> Tray 1<br /><br /><Esc>&l21H ---> Tray 2<br /><br /><Esc>&l22H ---> Tray 3<br /><br /><Esc>&l23H ---> Tray 4<br /><br /><Esc>&l24H ---> Extern<br /><br /><Esc>&l25H ---> Tray 5<br /><br /><Esc>&l26H ---> Tray 6<br /><br /><Esc>&l27H ---> Tray 7<br /><br /><Esc>&l28H ---> Tray 8<br /><br />Do you think this could be what's happening? The engineer suggested it might be because our printer driver can't handle an 8 tray selection but if that were the case would we be seeing any tray call whatsoever from trays 5-8?<br /><br />Thanks<br /><br />Josephine
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              The engineer has to be wrong since you are getting paper drawn from the higher numbered trays. If it wasn't for you being unable to draw from tray 5 I'd just going along with what you are actually getting. I've certainly experienced the manufacturer documentation being wrong pertaining to what command to send to get paper from a particular tray.

              Does the manufacturer provide a driver for the printer? If so, you could test using it on your PC and see what exact tray selection command it sends to draw from the various trays - particularly tray 5.
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                Hi Tom

                I've managed to get hold of a pcl viewer in which I can see the tray calls

                I have the following on my file

                00000175 [Esc&l20H] Paper Source, Tray A (1)
                00007447 [Esc&l21H] Paper Source, Tray B (2)
                00012349 [Esc&l22H] Paper Source, Tray C (3)
                00016114 [Esc&l23H] Paper Source, Tray D (4)

                00026754 [Esc&l25H] Paper Source, Tray F (6)
                00039263 [Esc&l26H] Paper Source, Tray G (7)
                00048842 [Esc&l27H] Paper Source, Tray H 8
                00059686 [Esc&l28H] Paper Source, Tray I (9)

                I will get back to engineer and see if he can be of any further help

                Thanks for the help on this