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    Printing from HP UX to Output Server on 2003

      Hi All,

      Problems with this product driving me mad :( Here's some background.

      We are in a migration project from HP UX PA-RISC (B 11.11)
      to HP UX Itanium (B 11.23).

      We've been using Output server on HP US PA-RISC for years now and it's a wonderful product, stable, reliable and (Till now) trouble free.

      During our migration study we are advised that Output Central does not run on or support HP UX on Itanium (B 11.23), so we set up a windows 2003 license and a box dedicated to running JetForm. Centralising our licensing also look ed like a good idea too.

      However.. My main issue is trying to get my job files from UNIX to the pickup directory on the W2K3 box!!

      We've tried named pipes, no luck. We've tried setting up a printer, but this didn't work either. Our final attempt was getting a SAMBA share set up (We did this in conjunction with a HP engineer), the SAMBA share works perfectly... now this doesn't work either!!

      We're informed also that Out put Central DOES NOT SUPPORT MAPPED DRIVES as it's pickup directory for jobs... for the love of god why!?!?

      So here I am.. calls back and forth to our distributors help desk, calls back and forth to HP, me spending hours upon hours trying to get this thing to work...and frankly just running out of ideas.

      I don't want to have to have our application FTP every single print job to the central pro server, the overhead would be ridiculous for a start as we sometimes do very large high volume print runs of many hundreds (or thousands) or letters/forms.

      Is there anyone else out there using Central Pro that needs to get their print files from HP UX to Windows 2003 without resorting to voodoo?

      Any help appreciated.

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          I've had a suggestion that might work...

          If I kept the SAMBA share going...

          And had a script on W2K3 that woke up every 10 seconds and moved all contents across from the mapped drive to the local pick up directory..that might work.

          but how do to this on Windows... i don't think windows has the equivelant of a Unix 'mv' command
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            I don't know Unix so I have to ask if you can have a scheduled task on the source server that would do the move to the Windows server.

            Windows does have a command line parameter for moving files. It is a left over from the world of DOS. You can set up a "batch" file that has the command and then reference that file as a scheduled task. I have no idea how it will work with a unix server. The following is a sample of what I have on a Windows server.

            The task 'run' command contains:

            The 'bat' file itself contains:
            move /y "\\dshsapoly4210a\4210a-vol3\Jetform\Print\*.dat" c:\JetForm\Central\Server1\Data
            (as a single line)

            This moves all DAT files from the source folder to the destination folder. The quotes around the source is because of the space in the folder name.
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              If everything seems to work but you get no reaction from the JetForm server, actually it may be the case that a CR (Carriage Return) is automatically inserted by Windows in the pipe.<br /><br />We solved this issue by setting this registry key to 1:<br />HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Printers\<your_JetForm_input_ queue>\LpdPrinterPassThorugh<br /><br />If you don't have this Key, just define it.<br /><br />Please let us know if this solved the issue.<br /><br />P.S.<br />We prefere to go with FTP in many cases as we can get rid of the overhead (printing is always slower) ;)<br />It happened that the UNIX-Windows queue got stuck and this is not easy to idenfity, so with FTP we solved the issue. Otherwise you have to restart the windows OutputCentral service.
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                Hey guys,

                It looks like i'll have the client drag the files down from the UNIX server, i've set up an account that has access to only the 'job' directory (The text files that comprise print jobs).

                I'm using FTP voyager's schedular facility to do a 'move' of all files with the extension '*.let' down from the UNIX machine to the Adobe central server, this will run every 30 seconds.

                Seems to work so far, I might have to look at increasing the frequency if there are delays in ad-hoc letter printing.
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                  Some months later...

                  We installed AIRIES on HP UX 11.23 on ITANIUM and installed JetForm Central Server for HPX 5.5.

                  This facility in HP UX 11.23 allows PA-RISC code to run on ITANIUM Boxes, so far so good.

                  Jetform running just fine in this configuration.