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    difficulties with bundled runtime installer

      I'd like to install the air runtime as part of a larger install process for an app. I only want to install AIR not the application itself. I'm new to using the bundled runtime installer - this is probably a simple issue.

      After registering, I download the runtime dist docs from the site and followed the instructions (rename the exe, , add a .airinstall.cfg file, etc). However, upon executing the .exe with the -silent param, the exe launches a message box "This application requires Adobe AIR to function".

      Given that the intent of this app is to install the AIR runtime, it's pretty frustrating. What simple thing am I missing?

      The name of the test app is "flex_air_client". The filesystem looks like this:

      Adobe AIR Application Installer.swf
      Adobe AIR.dll

      Thanks in advance!