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    Jetforms 5.4 stopped working

      Hi, we've have had Jetforms running on UNIX for years with few problems,but now it has stopped printing and no-one here knows much about it.
      We get the following errors:

      080219 08:28:09 /opt/jetform/central/bin/jfmerge: [256]** Message Msg256 not in .ini file **
      080219 08:28:09 /opt/jetform/central/bin/jfmerge: [210]** Message Msg210 not in .ini file

      Any ideas what could have changed to cause this to happen?

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          It looks to me as if something bad has occurred with the hard drive. For those messages to be gone it seems that the jfmerge.ini file may be gone or corrupt. FYI, the two messages would read as follows:

          256 = Your license does not entitle you to run Print Agent on this platform.

          210 = Nothing was printed.
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            Thanks for replying, Tom.
            The jfmerge.ini is still there but only has messages beinning with 3 for some reason.
            Any clues as to what would make Jetform start displaying msg256 about licensing when it has been working for years? Are there other files I should check for?
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              I have no confirmed idea where Central keeps its licensing information - and I know even less about UNIX. My 36 years of IT experience has all been with mainframes (IBM & UNISYS) and Microsoft based PCs & servers.

              Since you only have part of the jfmerge.ini file that seems to confirm my suspicion that something happened with the hard drive. My Windows version 5.6 jfmerge.ini file is 1320 lines in size (including blank lines) and includes lots of messages less than and greater than those starting with a 3. It also includes a "SerialNumber" parameter that I suspect may provide licensing information somehow coded within it.

              If your file is missing information it could easily be giving "incorrect" messages. Hopefully you have a backup or the original install CD.