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    Character mapping unicode over U0100

      I've been trying to use transformation files to resolve the issues the characters and or and cause in the display of output generated. Currently the transformation works fine for any character with a unicode value of < u+0100 (see below). However, any character over that generates an "invalid character mapping escape sequence".

      I've tried the code below and it doesn't work for the and or and , and I can't use /u201C and /u201D as it generates the "invalid character mapping escape sequence".

      ==== Character Mapping Table :
      ==== C[from character][to character] or C ¨from-string¨ ¨to-string¨
      C ¨^field ¨ ¨^defineresolve global:@CONTEXT.¨
      C ¨~¨ ¨\\u+007E.¨
      C ¨(¨ ¨\\u+0028.¨
      C ¨)¨ ¨\\u+0029.¨
      C ¨`¨ ¨\\u+0060.¨
      C ¨\u0027¨ ¨\\u+0027.¨
      C ¨\u0022¨ ¨\\u+0022.¨
      C ¨¨ ¨\\u+2018.¨
      C ¨¨ ¨\\u+2019.¨
      C ¨¨ ¨\\u+0022.¨
      C ¨¨ ¨\\u+0022.¨

      Is there any way of solving this issue or mapping unicode over u0100?

      Also, for some reason this only appears to be a problem when the job is to email or save to a folder. There isn't a problem with the standard print job.