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    Customising a Printer File (.ICS) In general OR for Konica-Minolta, Oce etc.


      One of our customers decided to use a printer of brand "Oce". The model number is "CS 180". It looks like it is a re-badge of Konica-Minolta C350.

      The immediate effect is that the tray selection stopped working (even though the template had been compiled with various presentment targets including the generic postscript - we also tried making it default presentment etc).

      We understand that we need to compile the template also for the OCE CS 180 or Konica-Minolta C350 presentment targets

      The problem is, these printer brands (OCE or Konica-Minolta) do not appear under the Presentment targets, yet alone the models. Adobe does not have any ICS files for these printers.

      Has anybody hit a similar problem with these printers?

      We currently do not have enough experience in our project team with customising such ICS files and so far we could not locate any Adobe document describing the contents of these files. There are bits and pieces for extra stuff (stapling etc) but nothing for much more usual stuff, say tray selection customization or pagesize definition.

      If anybody had the similar problem with these printers and help us out with an ICS file, it will be great.

      But also, what would be the usual procedure to come up with such an ICS file?

      - Which existing ICS file should we start as baseline and customize it?
      - In the "Trays" section, should (and how) we define what Oce (or Konica-Minolta) calls their trays? We will attempt to get the tray names from the manufacturer...
      - What is the criteria for defining PageSize?

      Any help is appreciated!

      Thanks in Advance.