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    How can I read JetForms?


      What program can I use to read (and print or convert to pdf) old JetForms?

      Thank you.
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          If you are talking about the compiled MDF then it is my understanding you are pretty much out of luck. I was told by my reseller / maintenance provider that Adobe might have a way to do it but they will not make it available.

          The best you might be able to do is to set up the parameters for JFMERGE to produce PDF output and see what happens.
          b IF
          the PDF presentment target was compiled into the forms that will get you a static PDF file
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            Thank you for your reply... Unfortunately I don't have any software whatsoever to read my *.jdt files... I just have these old files to work with and nothing else. Where can I find JFMERGE?

            And may any old JetForms reader be available somewhere on the Internet, even if it's just a simple reading and printing program, for download? (Because I don't know their names, either...)
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              *.jdt files?

              Form files produced by the Adobe Output Designer software (the newer name for the form design software; it hasn't had Jetform as the name for many, many years) are *.ifd and when compiled for the Central Pro software they become *.mdf so I'm not sure what you are referring to.

              A Google search on JDT does bring up a reference to "Capture Classic Filler" but that was from software that was way before JetForm Corp became Accelio in 2001 which was a few years before they were bought by Adobe. That software was before my time so I don't even have an old install disk. If that is the era the files are from then I doubt if anyone that monitors the Ouptut Designer/Output Server forums will be able to help you.

              JFMERGE is the program that runs on the Central Pro server that takes the compiled file and merges data files with the document and either prints it or produces a PDF file depending on parameters provided to it. If what you have is old *.jdt files then it won't be any help.

              Sorry for the bad news but files from software of that era is about like me trying to get something off of a 5 1/4" floppy disk. We haven't had a drive of that size for many years. Anyone need 8" floppies - I have an unopened box from 30 years ago that I can't use.