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    Adobe Central Pro Output Server for Window 2003

      Can Adobe Central Pro Output Server 5.6 support Window 2003? How to upgrade from 5.5 to 5.6 ? Is it free to upgrade ?
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          5.6 running on Windows Server 2003 is exactly what my current configuration is. Whether it will run on the newest version is anyone's guess.

          I have no idea what the cost might be (if any) to upgrade. We have the "platinum" maintenance agreement which includes free upgrades.

          Personally, I see no reason to do the upgrade unless you need one of the few new features or resolved issues.

          Version 5.6 is the end of the line for the software. Adobe has halted development and is devoting their efforts to the LiveCycle line of products that replaces it (with no apparent conversion software).
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            Many thanks to your advice. However I can not find any document about 5.6 , it will be gratefully if you can send 5.6 document to me by email, my email is best1ofbest@yahoo.com.tw
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              we're on 5.4.1 'Accelio Central Control' (yes, the ancient one). will it work with Windows Server 2003? thanks!
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                btw i'm new to the server side of things. after digging through the old invoices, someone purchased the PRO version, so if i can get my hands on it, i'm going to install on our clean windows server 2003 r2 box. what must i consider for such a task? thank you
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                  We are currently using version 5.6 of the software. I personally installed earlier versions but did not do the 5.6 installation on the new Windows 2003 servers. As far as I know there wasn't anything special about the installation. For ease of getting to it I do suggest you customize the installation folder instead of letting the install software default to the usual Windows "Program Files\Adobe\etc" location. I don't recall whether it was the default of the first version we got or if I customized it but we've used "C:\JetForm\Central\etc" for every version we have had. Yes, when we started out it was still "JetForm" and not "Accelio", let alone "Adobe".

                  If you anticipate using the "print preview" feature, where a PDF is created and sent back to the originating PC for viewing under control of the View Manager, you should be aware that the View Manager will sometimes stop responding to TCP/IP messages so that the Preview Agent on the server is unable to send the PDF file.

                  We do customize the "jfmerge.ini" & "jfserver.ini" files after installation. I don't know if the latest versions have the same "problems" that the earlier version had but we change/add a couple of the parameters to make things work correctly. In addition, I change the "verbosity" level of a few of the messages because I don't like the log file filling up with "waiting 5 seconds" type of messages. We also use quite a few custom agents so I have to add the appropriate lines to the ini file so that Central has adequate information for running them.

                  Once you get it installed and start playing with it, if you have any specific questions just post them here. If someone else doesn't respond I will if I can provide information (at least until I retire next March).
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                    thanks so much for your answer and assistance. i am fortunate to have a production server that is set up and running successfully as a reference. the trick now is to get the new server going as well (new to this...talk about OJT!). we use a dedicated drive for all things 'accelio', hoping this makes set up easier...

                    i'm wondering about the software going forward-i have nothing that says 'adobe'- we started using this product many years ago so we are also \\jetform\central\etc! must i have 'PRO' or even more current software going forward? the forum info i've read makes it seem adobe will eventually force everyone onto that LiveCycle product, but how soon...?

                    we don't use the 'print preview' feature you described per se; a pdf is created but sent on to other locations via batch files. we have a ton of those, i'm expecting to have to spend some time modifying them to point to the new server. need i look at and edit all of the .ini files, or perhaps only the two you mentioned above?

                    thank you again, your knowledge has been extremely helpful!
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                      Unless you have the "platinum" maintenance & support package upgrades are
                      b not
                      free. I don't even know if they are still selling Central. This last year Adobe announced that they have a 5 year life for their software for standard support followed by 3 years of extended support (extra cost). This life being from the date of initial availability. IIRC, version 5.6 (the latest and
                      b last
                      version) came out in late 2005, making the end of 2010 the end for regular support. In my experience, "support" does not mean they will fix a bug. I reported a reproducable bug and the response was something like "we aren't going to fix it because it doesn't affect a lot of customers". Fortunately, I was able to work around it.

                      When we moved from version 5.4 to 5.5 and then to 5.6 there was nothing really new about the software so if you are happy with version 5.4 you will probably continue to be happy staying with it. I've always had to create a customized printer control file so the addition of additional printer support didn't draw us to the newer versions. For us, since we have the Platinum support, the upgrade was free except for the time to install and configure it. The bad thing about new versions is that the software installation process doesn't support upgrades. You have to remove the current version and install totally new. This means that all customization, including folder rights, has to be done over. After the first time having to do that I started adding a read only file to the folders so that the uninstall process would not delete them.

                      Version 5.4 still had the JetForm labeling. Version 5.4.1 had the Accelio Present label. Version 5.5.1 (I don't know what happened to 5.5.0) had the Adobe label. The "PRO" version just adds some features that aren't available with the non-PRO version. I'm not sure exactly what since we started with the PRO version.

                      The two INI files I mentioned are the only ones I customize, besides the Job Management Database. If you were to upgrade, I highly recommend saving the existing JFSERVER.JMD file so you can restore it. We have almost 175 custom printers (for 11 sites), 40 custom tasks and 80 custom jobs so rebuilding it from scratch isn't an option.
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                        seems clear that true product support doesnt seem to be foremost at adobe, but we'll just stay put for the time being.

                        having worked with the .jmd file before, i agree, that's a must save in the event of an upgrade.

                        thank you and wish me luck! ;)
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                          What is are the new features in Central Pro 5.6 that were not available in 5.5?

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                            The new features are probably not worth it if you have to pay for the new version but they include:

                            *New Presentment Targets for HP, Lexmark & Zebra Printers
                            *The ability to use schema definition files is activated by default
                            *You can create schema definition files from XML files
                            *Additional barcode support
                            *Additional graphic support
                            *Bug fixes
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                              We are migrating the Accelio Templates 5.4 to Adobe central 5.6, we are facing template distortion issue, we have the same set of Job, Task everything as like 5.4, Can any one assist what could be the problem?

                              Thanks in Advance.
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                                hello! I can't find any downloads about version 5.6, can any one send it to me, my email is dgred@sohu.com.
                                5.5 do not work with Windows Server 2003
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                                  5.6 would only be free if you are under a maintenance and support agreement. If you are, contact your sales rep to get the software.

                                  5.5 should work fine on Windows 2003. If you are having install problems (like "invalid pac code") run the setup.exe in compatibility mode.
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                                    Central Pro is awesome. I like it allot and the new one seems allot better to me.

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