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    Printer name with non-ASCII character

      Is it possible to name a printer using ISO-8859-1 (or WINLATIN1) characters?

      Our business system has logical printer names defined, sometimes using Norwegian (and Danish) letters (AE-lig, O-slash and A-ring), which we would like to map to the correct Windows UNC paths.

      Mapping to a UNC path containing one of these characters works fine. But if the printer name itself contains a non-ASCI ISO character it fails.

      Example using BÆR (B AE-lig R):
      !p BÆR * \\print\bærum * 50 *

      Don't know how the log will look after posting, but I'll try:
      jfserver.exe: [400]D:\Adobe\Central\Server\Data\Test.dat : ^job TEST -zBÆR -afp"D:\Adobe\Central\Samples\Exprint\forms" -alp"D:\Adobe\Central\Samples\Exprint\logos"
      jfserver.exe: [400] ^JOB formname='TEST' printername='B'
      jfserver.exe: [400]Scanning !f for candidates
      jfserver.exe: [400]Mapped printer name 'B' to id 'R' dev '*'
      jfserver.exe: [400]Other job tokens before substitution 'R -afp"D:\Adobe\Central\Samples\Exprint\forms" -alp"D:\Adobe\Central\Samples\Exprint\logos"'
      jfserver.exe: [400]Other job tokens after substitution'R -afp"D:\Adobe\Central\Samples\Exprint\forms" -alp"D:\Adobe\Central\Samples\Exprint\logos"'
      jfserver.exe: [400]Merge parms before substitution '\\printer\b'
      jfserver.exe: [400]Merge parms after substitution'\\printer\b'
      jfserver.exe: [400]Task parms before substitution '"test.mdf" "D:\Adobe\Central\Server\Data\Test.dat" -l -apr"" -all"D:\Adobe\Central\Server\jfserver.log" -asl1 -amq0 -ams"D:\Adobe\Central\Server\Mst\R.mst" -m2T -z"*" \\printer\b R -afp"D:\Adobe\Central\Samples\Exprint\forms" -alp"D:\Adobe\Central\Samples\Exprint\logos" -aii"D:\Adobe\Central\Server\jfmerge.ini"'
      jfserver.exe: [400]Task parms after substitution '"test.mdf" "D:\Adobe\Central\Server\Data\Test.dat" -l -apr"" -all"D:\Adobe\Central\Server\jfserver.log" -asl1 -amq0 -ams"D:\Adobe\Central\Server\Mst\R.mst" -m2T -z"*" \\printer\b R -afp"D:\Adobe\Central\Samples\Exprint\forms" -alp"D:\Adobe\Central\Samples\Exprint\logos" -aii"D:\Adobe\Central\Server\jfmerge.ini"'
      jfserver.exe: [400]"test.mdf" "D:\Adobe\Central\Server\Data\Test.dat" -l -apr"" -all"D:\Adobe\Central\Server\jfserver.log" -asl1 -amq0 -ams"D:\Adobe\Central\Server\Mst\R.mst" -m2T -z"*" \\printer\b R -afp"D:\Adobe\Central\Samples\Exprint\forms" -alp"D:\Adobe\Central\Samples\Exprint\logos" -aii"D:\Adobe\Central\Server\jfmerge.ini"
      jfserver.exe: [307]Launching task '"D:\Adobe\Central\Bin\jfmerge" "test.mdf" "D:\Adobe\Central\Server\Data\Test.dat" -l -apr"" -all"D:\Adobe\Central\Server\jfserver.log" -asl1 -amq0 -ams"D:\Adobe\Central\Server\Mst\R.mst" -m2T -z"*" \\printer\b R -afp"D:\Adobe\Central\Samples\Exprint\forms" -alp"D:\Adobe\Central\Samples\Exprint\logos" -aii"D:\Adobe\Central\Server\jfmerge.ini"'.
      jfmerge: [125]* Processing data file: 'D:\Adobe\Central\Server\Data\Test.dat'.
      jfmerge: [289]MDF file `D:\Adobe\Central\Samples\Exprint\forms\test.mdf' opened.
      jfmerge: [400]The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.
      jfmerge: [2]Error opening output device/file '*'.
      jfmerge: [210]Nothing was printed.
      jfserver.exe: [314]Agent exit message: [2]Error opening output device/file '*'.
      jfserver.exe: [400]spawned '"D:\Adobe\Central\Bin\jfmerge" "test.mdf" "D:\Adobe\Central\Server\Data\Test.dat" -l -apr"" -all"D:\Adobe\Central\Server\jfserver.log" -asl1 -amq0 -ams"D:\Adobe\Central\Server\Mst\R.mst" -m2T -z"*" \\printer\b R -afp"D:\Adobe\Central\Samples\Exprint\forms" -alp"D:\Adobe\Central\Samples\Exprint\logos" -aii"D:\Adobe\Central\Server\jfmerge.ini"'
      jfserver.exe: [400]--> returned [-2] [2]Error opening output device/file '*'..
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          For others who might have the same problem. You can solve it by quoting the device name and/or printer name.

          !p """BÆR""" * """\\print\bærum""/q" * 50 *

          This, however, causes the printer name to be '"BÆR"' with the double quotes included in the name. Thus, the job card must contain the unfortunate tripple quotes as well: -z"""BÆR""".