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    can not create files

      two tasks in task table:
      task getpageno program options
      :"@MDFName." "@InFile." -l -aprE:\JFWORK\PRE\pass2.pre -all""@LogFileName."" -asl@SkipLines -amq@ManagedMem -ams""@MSTName."" -m@Macro#.@LoadFlag -z@PhysicalDev. @OtherJobTokens. -aii"@IniFileName." -advglobal:filename=@infilebase..txt
      task setpageno program options
      :"@MDFName." "@InFile." -l -aprE:\JFWORK\PRE\pass1.pre -atfE:\JFWORK\TMP\@infilebase..txt -all""@LogFileName."" -asl@SkipLines -amq@ManagedMem -ams""@MSTName."" -zNUL: @PrintDirectorParms. @OtherJobTokens. -aii"@IniFileName."

      program name of the program name is "JFMerge"

      i found that there was not file named @infilebase..txt(for example ISS002S.txt) in folder "E:\JFWORK\TMP\",can some tell or explain to me?i am glad to see them! thank you.