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    JFServer.log Question

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      I am looking for a setting maybe in jfserver.ini that is deleting the log file everytime a new dat file is put into the data folder.
      This is happening on an environment i am looking at.

      I have increased the logfile size and verbosity but it still creates a new log file everytime. I need to see all the process steps from when the folder is scanned to the first line.. processing file etc etc

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          there is a checkbox in jfdesign (tools > options > test presentment) that says "empty first" and it will clean out the log file every time you run test presentment. This should not impact jfserver but I will look around just in case.
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            the only other explanation might be that your logfile size still isn't big enough. Jfserver.ini carries the max. byte count, increase this to some big number and see if it makes a difference
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              In that case it would be maing a jfserver.bak file out of the old one.

              Note - Central won't scroll the log display if the file gets too full. 2-3 MB is fine but much more than that and scrolling stops.
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                Hi Guys
                I increased log file size to 10000000000
                Verbosity is -10.

                I had deleted the bak file contents and now it does not get populated again at all. it stays empty!

                When i drop my .dat in, it still does not show me any more info. It stays at 2kb and then starts growing after it has processed the file..