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    Outputing a text file with Jetform

      Are we able to output a text (or csv) file from Jetform? What I'm attempting to do is create a file with some logging/record keeping type info to run when we send an email from Jetform. So set up a 2 step job through the jmd, step 1 sends email, step 2 outputs to file. Is this possible?
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          Jetform is intended to create files intended for certain "targets", usually printers or PDF files but not specifically text files. You might get something similar to what you want by using text subsitution fields but it is likely to be embedded within printer control commands. You could always write your own custom agent that could do anything you wish. We have custom agents that update databases, extract data, transfer files, etc.
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            Thanks Tom.

            With your custom agents, do you fire them off from jetform like another job in the jmd, or are these 3rd party processes (eg unix/windows) that poll the data directories independent from the Jetform services?

            10 minutes later.... just read the manual :-) and can see that they're kicked off from the jmd. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Tom, hopefully I can get this to work.
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              We have both types of programs. We have a couple that run as a Windows service that "watch" for files showing up in certain folders or fire off other programs at certain times (it is aware of holidays unlike the Windows "scheduled task" service) as well as several that run as a regular JMD agent. Our usual print job runs more custom agents than it does Central-supplied agents.
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                I was running Jetform Central on HP-UX box with a compiled form with PDF being the default driver.
                I had no problem to fill data on the form and print to a HP Laserjet printer through the LJ5SI driver. But when using the PDF driver to print the same form I could not get the output created. I got error of "Invalid Printer Type (98)" message.

                I had the PDF driver selected and set as default in the compiled form.
                I also had the "-aspPDF" and the "-zMy_Output.pdf" options set as the command-line parameters of the "jfmerge" command.
                Why did it complain about the print driver being invalid ??
                What's missing here ??
                Why couldn't this work ??

                Please help


                Andy Liang