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    Funny problem

      Hi friends,

      I got a problem which is interesting. I am not sure if it is right place to put this topic here. Maybe I should go to Output designer.

      Anyway, I got error message: [171]Unbalanced active quotes encountered.

      In my source dat file (xml format), it contains Irene O"Sullivan Superannuation Fund

      Please note there is only one double quote in the xml node.

      Any advice would be appreciated.

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          I don't know why you think it is a "funny" problem. As you noted, there is only a single quote. That makes it 'unbalanced' because the software knows that quotes are supposed to come in pairs. Names like O'Sullivan in addresses give me a problem all the time. To us people we know that the apostrophe can be single but the software isn't written to take that into account. Quite often software wants a data item that contains an apostrophe to be within quotes or that two apostrophes beside each other are to be treated as a single one that is part of the data.
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            In our Business Application we apply a validation logic(s) to the input/capture of of all data fields. When it comes to validating name, address, free-text-notes, etc, part of the validation applied is automatic replacement of double-quotes & apostrophe characters with the single-quote character. We would also replace double-space with single-space etc., this would result in the following example output.

            ^field ASSURED_FORENAME
            Ann Marie
            ^field ASSURED_SURNAME
            D'Silva Bezzina

            Resolving the quotes problem was beneficial when it came to producing data output files for JF and other interface applications. Additionally, by validating and standardising the allowable inputs it helped to reduce the no. of duplicate clients recorded, that
            D'Silva, D`Silva, D"Silva is always recorded as D'Silva.

            hope this helps

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              Hi George, as Tom lets you notice, dealing with a field-formatted file is NOT like dealing with an XML.

              In XML (even if I'm not an XML expert) you have to deal with tagged data and data should be quoted correctly.

              In your case the quote is wrong.

              Maybe you can put the name like:

              'Irene O"Sullivan Superannuation Fund'


              "Irene O'Sullivan Superannuation Fund"

              Hope this help.