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    Uning UNC paths for custom agents

      Has anyone had any success trying to launch a custom agent using the UNC path to the executable? The .err generated includes the following lines:

      2008/10/02 09:48:29 c:\jfsrvr\Bin\jfserver.exe: [307]Launching task '"\\Rx2k3WebPIF21\RmtAgents\DatFileInsert.exe" -i c:\jfsrvr\collector\job_1.dat -o dan.txt -f "C:\Data - Test\2-DatFileInsert\TXT Files Containing Insertion Lines\g_blank.txt" -a FILE -r ABOVE'.
      2008/10/02 09:48:40 c:\jfsrvr\Bin\jfserver.exe: [314]Agent exit message: [313]*** Spawn of agent may have failed ***

      Is Central limited to running agents that are locally installed? I have added the following to the JFServer.ini file: