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    Test Presentment & JFMERGE output are different

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      I have a form with subforms in Output Designer that works almost perfectly when using Test Presentment. I can live with the imperfection (the "footer" subform from page 1 prints on page 3). When I take the same test file, add the ^job line and the ^form line and run it on Central Pro it doesn't produce the same results with JFMERGE. In fact, it fouls up big time.

      This is a 3 page form comprised totally of subforms. It has no global fields. Page 1 is comprised of the subform for the top half with some fields and then a column header subform followed by a detail line subform for repeating. The column header goes on the top of an "overflow" page if the number of detail lines cause a page full condition. Page 2 is a single subform with some data fields. Page 3 contains a single subform with a field. Everything on page 1 except the detail line is labeled as a "header" subform. The detail line is a "detail" subform. Pages 2 & 3 are "trailer" subforms.

      With Test Presentment I get page 1 with data, page 2 with data, page 3 with data; just as I should. After compiling the form and using the same DAT file (with ^job & ^form added) I get page 1 just fine, page 2 with no data, page 3, a blank page, page 2 with data, page 3, a blank page, page 3, page 2 with no data, page 3, a blank page. Only the third occurance of page 3 has the footer from page 1.

      This is my first intelligent form and even though I know next to nothing about the preamble it looks just fine.

      Anyone have any idea what I can do to get the JFMERGE output to produce the same thing as Test Presentment does?
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          keeping in mind that the parameters used in test presentment may differ from the command line parameters on jfmerge, differences can certainly happen. Check in output designer under tools>options>testpresentment to see what parameters you are using. In particular, designer and jfmerge should have -aapoff and -afxon.

          If you don't see anything jump at you there,send me your ifd and data file and I will be happy to have a look. By the way, unless you are using more than one mdf file, you don't need the ^form command in the data file. Just put the full path of the form file on the jfmerge command line.


          Chris (chris.hicks@adobe.com)
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            Added note...if you want me to take a look at the footer problem, send me your ifd and data file.


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              The Output Designer Test Presentment options field has no options showing. My DAT file has -apfon -afxon -aapon on the ^job line. In addition, to get around a problem we had early on we add "ExternalSubforms=1" in the PDFPrep section of the jfmerge.ini file. We also changed the Reformat parameter in the Field section to "Trunc". We also set up the jfmerge tasks to specify a dummy form so the files in the print queue are recognizable as coming from Central but we don't want it to actually print so we have the -apg2/999 parameter on the ^job line. Early on a system tech was working on a printing problem and didn't recognize the file names and deleted them. Now, with a recognizable name, they don't get deleted.

              We certainly can't use -aapoff because we have tons of forms with boilerplate only pages.

              We use common tasks for many forms so I can't add the form path/name to the jfmerge command line. Besides, all of our print (except this one which is intended to solely produce a PDF) uses multiple forms even if it is just a separator/clerical instructions page and the actual form itself. We produce over 150,000 "packets" per month at 11 sites for mailing so the colored separator pages are required.

              It was gone earlier today but is now back again: the top of page 2 is also showing up at the bottom of page 3 after the page 1 footer.

              I'll be sending you my files, but not until after lunchtime here on the left coast.
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                Just a follow up to close this thread.

                I sent my files to Chris and he responded with the solution, which he had alluded to in his first response to this thread. Dynamic forms
                b must
                have the -aapoff option. I had initially stated I couldn't use the parameter because of all our other forms and using a common job & task. Chris pointed out that if I added it to the ^form statement that it would override any other occurances. Now, with that parameter, the actual creation of the PDF by jfmerge matches what is produced by test presentment. I just need to get with the programmer responsible for creating the DAT file and determine the best way to get the parameter added.

                Thanks, Chris.