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    Field-Nominated Transformation Definition Files

      Is it possible to pass a ^job card through the transformation agent when the input file format is field-nominated? Our input file includes a ^job card on line one. Transformation agent is used to manipulate the input data and creates the field-nominated output file for the merge agent. However, the ^job card is missing and is needed for down line processing.

      Thank you
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          I doubt if you will be able to accomplish what you want without a radical change to your file. The "purpose" of the ^job statement is to let Central know what "job" (and therefore the tasks to run) is to be done with the file. The information on the ^job statement is then available as parameters to each task by using variables.

          The best you will likely be able to do is to repeat the ^job information as part of the data and then use the transformation agent to select it and place it all as a variable in the output file.