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    Decreasing the size of PDF to archive.

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      Just wondering if anyone knows of a way to decrease the size of a pdf file that is created for archiving purposes. I have had a couple of thoughts on it.

      1)I read by changing the font to Acrobat base fonts would reduce size but dont really want to go changing all the fonts on the final output of the doc.

      2) Ensure no extra presentment targets are being compiled into mdf.

      3) Reduce any images etc inside the ifd.

      If anyone has any other suggestions i would really appreciiate them
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          I don't see how your #2 item would accomplish anything. The targets included in the IFD/MDF shouldn't have any bearing on the PDF that might be created since Adobe Reader uses Windows printers for printing.

          What we do for archiving is to store the original DAT file in the archive database and then use that to create a PDF version of the original printed copy. We can do this because any update to a form must include a version/revision number as part of the file name. The folder where they are stored has its rights set so that new records can be added but modifications to existing records are prohibited.
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            Thanks for reply Tom.

            Sorry didnt think through point 2 above!

            At the moment i am looking at a complex setup that has been working for years now, a pdf is generated after printing and piped to an archive server. So i think they would be reluctant to store the dats instead of pdfs as some of the users may not know how to generate the pdf from a dat file. They are just concerned about the amount of pdfs and their size. This was why they asked if they could be stored as a smaller pdf doc.

            Also i am trying to figure out changing the print job name. At the moment it takes the name of the mdf and uses this as a print job name but now would like to see a customers name or account number instead. Have you ever done this?

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              Our users are not even aware that the form is being regenerated. They just click on the one they want and the underlying code knows to retrieve the original DAT file, change the job name to the one that results in a PDF being sent back to the user and places it on the server.

              As far as the job name goes, it appears that since the MDF name is currently being used that in reality no job name is being provided (I think that is the case). Either that or the source of the DAT file is building the file that way. To get the customer name or account number then the source of the DAT files would have to be modified to do that.

              Personally, it would definately be unmanageable if we used the MDF name as the job name because we not only use multiple MDFs per job but we have 100s of MDFs.

              I don't know how many customers are involved but using that information as the job name could be cumbersome due to the potential number of job definitions that would be required.
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