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    how to pass a "new line" or <CR> to JFMerge

    Andreas Lenzinger
      Hello We have a comma separated file, where one field can contain data for more than one line in a multi line text box. The data in that one field is seperated by ":" we tried to replace the ":" with a "~" but by using the jfmerge the "~" is shown in the text. If we do a testpers. it works as expected, but not if we run it over the jfmerge job.

      the example data looks like this:


      TTTTT -> field 1
      XXX -> field 2 line 1
      XXXXXX -> field 2 line 2
      YYYYY -> field 3

      but we get only this XXX ~ XXXXXX in field 2

      Can someone help? to get the second part after ":" moved to the next line (a substract of number of chars is no option as the text is variable in lenght)