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    Printer Job Name

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      I am trying to change a pcl file so that the printer job name is altered, i can see from the .ics driver file that you can set this to the mdf name and static text only. Has anybody ever had to make a change like this?

      I have the steps in place but the result is not what i expected, i use a perl script and a copy function to send the pcl file to the printer with the new printer job name included.

      The thinking behind this is so that I can see my text on the print spooler and on the physical device, but it is turning out to be a night mare!

      Any help would be appreciated.
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          I don't know about changing the name after the file is created but the following is what I did.

          When I first started testing with the software we were having a problem with the printer and a tech ended up deleting some of my test files before they printed because he didn't know what they were. I ended up specifying a default form in the JMD for the print task and then using the
          b -apg
          parameter on the ^job line to skip the first page. Now all of our "FormsGen" print has a distinctive name that is recognizable by anyone.
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            So you now have a static name that appears for different types of prints is that it? What i need to do is to take a client number that exists in the pcl and use it as the printer job name.
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              Yes, it is a static name. I could have set up different tasks with different names but didn't feel the need to. Without specifying the form name in the task it appeared to just be random letters & numbers.

              I've needed to extract field values from the DAT file for building the output PDF file name but not from the PCL file so that the print queue name reflects the information.
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                i see, ye it is turning out to be a bit tricky alright. If anyone else has any ideas please feel free to throw it out there!
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                  The problem i can see now is that I am trying to replicate the step when the .tmp file which is also the same as the PCL file is processed from the collector directory.

                  When it is, it uses the value from the ics file \E%-12345X@PJL\x20RDYMSG\x20DISPLAY="default" the default is the mdf name which is static.

                  I use a Perl script and have a copy function to move the changed PCL file to the Printer spool queue, but the job name is now 'Remote DownLevel Document' in stead of the value in the PCL file.

                  Any body any idea as how to fix this?