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    Print Agent -> "Invalid" pdf

      I'm trying to use the print agent.
      I use the following:

      c:\Programas\Adobe\Central\Bin\jfmerge MODEL1 C:\DOCUME~1\D002404\ASPNET\DEFINI~1\Temp\200902021549206095_xml.tmp -axmlstrict -l -allc:\Programas\Adobe\Central\Server\Logs\TRNQ20090202.log -amq0 -m -zC:\DOCUME~1\D002404\ASPNET\DEFINI~1\Temp\200902021549206095_pdf.tmp -advTransCount=0 -aprC:\DOCUME~1\D002404\ASPNET\DEFINI~1\Temp\200902021549206095_pag.tmp -afpc:\Programas\Adobe\Central\Server\Forms\ -aiic:\Programas\Adobe\Central\Server\jfmerge.ini

      The PDF is generated but the result is no good, i.e., I can open the pdf and see it normally, but if I try to print it using PDF Creator it gives an error. The final objective is to convert this pdf to FAX, with RightFax Conversor, which also gives an error.
      I have also noticed that in the file properties (using ALt+Enter in the pdf selected file), in the PDF tab it doesn´t show the info - no Created date, no PDF Producer and the PDF version is 0.0.
      This is very strange because if I do manually place the xml in data folder the pdf is generated correctly by Adobe Central. I have copied all the parameters from Central. It seems that I cannot create a good pdf calling directly the print agent :(
      Does anyone have an ideia what I'm doing wrong?

      Regards, Ariel.