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    Jetform (Adobe central output server 5.5) Installation

      Hi All, I am now in the process of installing Adobe central output server 5.5 in a windows 2000 server. While installing i have customized the path for the program files and completed the installation, but when i try opening the central agents through central control i do not find any processes there except for the central control process. Can someone give suggestions on why the processes are not configured during installation and also how to reconfigure it. Also if i can get the procedure for installation it would be helpful.

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          What you are apparently describing is exactly what occurs if the "Node" value in a couple of INI files do not match. The jfserver.ini file in the ...\central\Server folder and the install.ini file in the ...\central\control folder both have a
          b Node=xxxxxxx
          parameter near the beginning of the file. The value after the equal sign must match in both files or you do not get the agents listed in the configuration choice list.
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            Hi Tom

            Many thanks for your prompt reply. I work with Benila so greatly appreciate your response to her query.

            So, will the solution to our problem be to manually edit one/both of the jfserver.ini and install.ini files so that the nodes match?

            This is what I see in the jfserver.ini file:

            And in the install.ini file also I see the same thing:

            So, it looks like we have the same values.

            Would greatly appreciate your assistance in resolving this. What we are basically trying to do is to move our Jetform installation over to a new server as the existing server is going to be decommissioned very soon.

            Manish Malhotra
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              Since the values are the same I have no idea why the agents are not showing up in the configuration list. The description of the problem matches exactly what happens when these two files don't match.

              The next thing I would do is to check out the contents of the jfserver.ini file. Near the top of the file there is a [Processes] section that lists all the things that should show up on the configuration menu (jfserver, jfemsend (if email was installed), jfmerge, jfpvagent, jftrans, xmlimport). If they are there then I'm still stumped. In addition, at the end of the file should be a section for each of the agents listed in the [Processes] section ([JFMERGE] and the others). If these are missing it might affect things. Or if they are there but the ExePath or IniFileName entries for them are missing it might cause the problem. Ensure that the locations specified on these entries are correct.
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                Hi Tom

                Once again, many thanks for your response and help. It is greatly appreciated!

                I have checked the jfserver.ini file, and found that all the agents that you mentioned are listed under the [Processes] section. Additionally, they are also present at the end of the file. The only thing that I could notice is that for jfserver, there is no file path; i.e. it just says:


                For all the other agents, there is an ExePath and also IniFileName. All the agents other than JFMERGE also have EditcfgRtn.

                How do we ensure that the file paths mentioned here are correct?

                Manish Malhotra
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                  Hi Tom

                  Just to add one more point - we had initially managed to install Jetform and were able to see all the agents. One of the services was not coming up, so we thought that it could have something to do with the way installation was done.

                  Hence we uninstalled and re-installed Jetform once again - does this help with any further thoughts?

                  Manish Malhotra
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                    I was just guessing at possibilities so I'm not surprised that everything is there. The single entry for [JFSERVER] is correct.

                    The default paths would be

                    but in your first post you indicated you had customized the path so these might be different. I'm not sure you meant the location the agents are stored or if you changed the main installation location from C:\Program Files\Adobe\ to something else (like I did). We started with the software with the "JetForm" moniker so on installation of later subsequent versions I kept the "JetForm" part of it and installed at the root of the drive. This makes our paths have "JetForm' where I put the ellipses in the above paths. Since your installation folder is likely not to be "JetForm" which is why I used the ellipses. If you changed the location the agents are stored then the ExePath entry would be different.

                    The fact you did a reinstall doesn't bring anything to mind. Sorry I couldn't be further help.
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                      Hi Tom,

                      Thanks for all you help, Your inputs were greatly helpful.

                      I have checked for the node parameters in both jfserver.ini and install.ini files and they did not match. I have now changed them to be same and have now got all the agent processes listed.

                      Further to this the jfserver.log file is not getting updated and also the test print files saved in the data folder are not being processed. I have checked for the file path for the log files and data files in the Jfserver.ini and they are correct. The service is also up and running. Please do provide your inputs on how to progress further.

                      Thanks for your help and awaiting for your inputs.

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                        If the "verbosity level" is at the default value of 0 and the scan time is at the default 5 seconds then every 5 seconds you should be getting a couple of messages in the log file. If you aren't, and that is what it sounds like, then Central is not actively running even though the service may be started. Try using the Central Control program to get Central to start.

                        What is in the log file (at the end)? If it shows Central starting but not being paused or exiting then things should be working. You might try setting the verbosity level (msg display value) to -10 and then stopping & restarting Central to get more detail in the log file and check it after restarting to see if it isn't staying in the running mode for some reason. We have installed multiple instances on our servers and we programatically/automatically pause the instances that we are not currently using.
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                          Hi Tom,

                          When i try to start the central service i get the warning message as Central service could not be started- Possibly not started. Also there are no updates in the log file after 3 Feb.

                          Please advice.

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                            Hi Tom,

                            Initially when i attempted to start Central the message "Central already active - request cancelled" appeared on screen. when i tried with shut Central from Control then the message "JetForm Central has already been shut down" resulted.

                            I then deleted the status file from the path ..Jetform\server and tried to restart the central from control but got a warning message "central servicecould not be contacted - possibly not started.

                            Can you please help on how to proceed from here.

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                              I've experienced some of what you are getting but it was perfectly valid and it doesn't seem to be in your case. If there really are no log file entries from all the attempts you have been doing these past few days I don't know what to try next. At this point I'd probably uninstall and reinstall and hope for the best. If that didn't work I'd be contacting our vendor that handles our maintenance contract. Of course the technician would probably be wanting the log file just like I do since it could provide some pointers. In your case, with no log file entries, it appears that something is preventing the Central service from starting. I'd probably try starting/restarting it and see what happens.

                              By the way, we appear to have a significant difference in time zones. Your last two messages were posted during my night (it is just past 6:00 am for me as I'm posting this.
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                                Hi Tom,

                                I have also tried with the option of reinstalling, but with no luck again. All the agent processes are listed, but still the log file is not created which ultimately means that the central services are not rnning. Is there any way of starting the central service that you would suggest.

                                Also get the message "Central service could not be contacted-possibly not started" when i try to start the central service, do you have any idea on this.

                                Any inputs and suggestions from your end would be a great help for us.

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                                  The only thing I can think of is that the Central SERVICE isn't starting for some reason. I recall that you have indicated that the service is active but the only thing I can think of at this time is to restart it and see what happens.
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                                    jfmerge issue
                                    When a large report is processed through jfmerge and sent to a canon IR printer, there are printer resets between each page of the report. The printer sees a 900 page report as 900 one page reports.
                                    When hundreds of staff are printing reports, instead of getting complete sets of reports output by the printer, we are getting pages of different reports intermingled.

                                    Is there any way to get jfmerge or jetform design to turn off the printer reset?

                                    We are running Jetform version 5.5 on a HPUX 11.11 platform and printing to Canon IR5055 printers.

                                    Apologies if I have sent this to the wrong forum.

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                                      Hi Gary,

                                      Reset sequences are sent at the job level, not the page level. Jfmerge typically generates one spool file per jfmerge run so I am surprised you are getting interleaving. I will take a look at the ics file for the Canon and post anything worth mentioning.
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                                        There are 2 Canon ics files...canj4cov and canj484v. The reset sequences look something like...

                                        Copies \E[%dv
                                        ; Select # of copies to print

                                        ; change reset sequence for Canon 450
                                        Reset \E<\E\59\E[2&z\E[?7\59\51\49\49\040I\E[11h\E[?8l\E[?32h

                                        ; Reset printer (start of job)
                                        PostReset \E<\E[0#x\015\012\014\EP0J\E\92
                                        ; Reset printer (end of job)

                                        Please let me know which driver you are using.


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                                          Hi Chirs,

                                          Do you have ics file for Canon's iR7105 /S1 printer?
                                          I am now using HPJL5 's ics file and i cannot get the output to the tray that i want to the iR7105/S1.
                                          Any advise.

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                                            Hi Henry, unfortunately the iR7105/S1 is not specifically supported in Jetform design. I would use the -ato parameter on the command line. Take a look at it in the print agent manual. You should be able to get to the right tray.


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