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    Problem accessing external file - Possible locking issue

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      Our system has been developed to generate identical PDF and PCL output from Output Server. <br />This is achieved by spawning 2 field nominated files (1 for PDF and 1 for PCL output) from an original master field nominated file.<br /><br />Our current issue is that within these files we call an external file that builds a list of benefits in table format. This external file is also in field nominated format. It is called by using the following:<br />^file <NAMEOFFILE>.dat<br /><br />Our issue is that when the identical PDF and PCL output are generated we are sometimes experiencing missing output (blank pages) on the PDF.<br />The missing output is the content in the external file only. <br />The content appears in the PCL but sometimes does not appear in the PDF. The appearance of the output is not consistent. <br />Sometimes it may appear and other times it will not and I believe it could be a locking issue in relation to the external file.<br /><br />All paths to the exernal file are correct and the file is present in the location specified.<br /><br />When the 2 files are referencing the same resource (external file) is it possible that a lock is being placed on the external file and thus preventing the content from being displayed?<br />Has anyone previous experience of this occurring?