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    Unix to unix

      I got Central Pro installed on of unixservers with some printqueues.
      How can i use Central Pro from a remote unix system ?
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          Central Pro runs on the server where it is installed by processing files that are placed into its "transaction" folder. How those files get there is up to you. I usually use FTP.
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            So Central Pro does not have any buil-in interface for external printqueues ?
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              I hope I'm not misunderstanding your questions. Just in case I'll provide as general an answer as I can. A concise answer would depend on what you are referring to when you ask about "external print queues". Taking those words separately, to me 'external' means defined on a machine other than the one Central is running on; and a "print queue" is what I "print" to to produce hard copy printed output. To complicate matters, since I don't know anything about Unix, some phrasing, methods and Central software capabilities may be different from what I know concerning using a Windows 2000 server. I appologize in advance if I provide inadequate or incorrect information for your particular situation.

              For getting transaction files into Central's input folder you have several options, the four that I'm aware of (for Windows) are FTP, the operating system "copy" command at the command prompt, the file manager (for Windows I'm referring to Windows Explorer), and named pipes (whatever they are).

              For output, which is what I consider a print queue to be, Central can build PCL & Postscript files that get placed in a print queue located anywhere the user-id Central is running under has access to, whether that be one defined on the Central server itself or one defined on some remote server. For example, we have 11 systems physically located in 10 different cities. Each system can print to printers defined on servers located in any of the cities. In addition, using the IP# to get access to the printer itself, the actual printers can be physically located anywhere, not necessarily physically attached to the server where the print queue is defined.

              Another option for output is for Central to produce a PDF file which is either left in some folder someplace or is sent to a specified IP#, usually the requesting PC. Central has drivers for also producing files that are compatible for serveral different fax server products. Using the "transformation agent" another thing that Central can do is to convert file formats. For example, it can take in a comma-delimited file and turn it into an XML file.