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    Splitting an input file using Transformation agent

      Hi, I am trying to use transformation agent (adobe output central pro v5.5) to take and input file and split it into many output files based on a text string in the file.

      However instead of splitting the file it, each output file containts all the input records upto the next file boundary. What I need is just the records between the file boundaries.

      Any ideas what I have got wrong, or could this be a feature of the Trans Agent?

      my TDF file is;
      O " N 1500 N N N N O
      F "^$PAGE 1" 1 8 -5
      E data1 * "" 1 0 * 1 60 0 0 ""

      #startscript Head
      ^job invoice_arch.pdf

      #startscript *
      #for data1

      thanks in advance