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    Output Pak and Citrix


      We are using output pak to print from SAP in Citrix sessions, but the RDI file generated comes with the name of the Citrix server instead of the user pc name, so printing does not work. What configuration should be done to solve this?

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          I don't understand your complete problem because I don't use "output pak", SAP, or Citrix. But, we ran into a similar situation with the name of the generated file when we first started using Central Pro. The name of the file that ended up in the print queue didn't mean anything. At that time we were also experience some problems with the print server and the printers. Our tech person didn't recognize the file name so he was deleting the files. Therefore, I wasn't getting my test print.<br /><br />What I ended up doing was to have Central process a "dummy" form prior to the "real" forms. Each of our steps that run the JFMERGE agent include "FormsGen" as a default form file name. This causes JFMERGE to process that file first, resulting in the generated file name being called "FormsGen". Our techs & printer operators now recognize the print jobs. This form is a single page that has a bunch of dummy fields defined on it (to remove errors when running with the Transformation agent). We use the -apg<start/end> parameter to actually skip the production of this page into the file. The page doesn't show up but the file name is used.<br /><br />If there isn't a configuration parameter to fix your problem, you might look into something similar to what we do to set the name of the generated file. It would mean creating dummy forms for all the users (and a maintenance problem) but it might work. We use the default form defined within the job, you might be able to use the user-ID as the first "form" to be processed.