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    Requesting/Creating Printer Config Settings (ICS)

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      We have acquired a Ricoh Aficio 2105 printer. The sales rep stated that to the best of their knowledge, it most closely resembles the HP8000 series. Well, I can't say we are having the best of luck as it seems the Ricoh external-to-internal drawer settings do not match the HP8000.

      So here are my questions...

      Would anyone happen to have a JetForms ICS config file for a Ricoh?

      Has anyone asked the Adobe tech support/services site to research/create an ICS settings file? Who should be contacted?

      Many thanks,
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          I have modified ICS files for four printers now with pretty good luck. The biggest problem is finding an ICS file that at least works for the printer, irregardless of the input trays. Then you modify the ICS file entries for the input trays.

          For the InputTray entries in the file, the first number is the software value for bringing forth the tray description in the Format/Page/Input tray selection. There are a lot of these to choose from, I used trial & error to determine exactly what I wanted to show in the selection box.

          The second number is the number to be inserted into the printer command for tray selection. It varies from printer to printer. I've even experienced it varying from the printer's documented value, particularly when there are multiple possible printer types. If you have the printer documentation, the proper numbers might be there. Otherwise it is a trial & error testing.

          Put different colored paper in all the printers input trays. Set up a single page job and the ICS file with all "1's" for all the trays. Access the fonts for the printer prior to compiling to force the software to build a new ICF file. Compile, print and see what colored paper comes out. Repeat for different values in the ICS file. Eventually, you should end up with the numbers mapped to the trays. Then you can set each input tray value to the corresponding number (and hope it works).

          As an example, the following is how it might be set up:

          InputTray 7 7 ; Auto Select
          InputTray 20 1 ; High Capacity
          InputTray 201 1 ; Tray 1
          InputTray 2 21 ; Tray 2
          InputTray 3 8 ; Tray 3
          InputTray 405 22 ; Label Stock
          InputTray 8 2 ; Manual Feed

          DefaultTray 1 ; On a new form default to High Capacity
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            Thanks Tom,

            I appreciate the info. Your method mirrors mine. I was hoping to not reinvent the wheel and that a site had already mapped the Ricoh drawers. The best case that we could request the config files be created by Adobe. An 08/04 APAR (II13264) from IBM now supports the Ricoh series printers via the Workstation Customizing Objects (*WSCST).

            Thanks for the help. Once the drawers are mapped, I will publish them in this forum.

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              My software vendor says that we can only use older ZPL barcode printer drivers. The problem is that most of those printers are obsolete and expensive. I have many newer EPL based Zebra barcode printers as well as a couple TLP2844-Z ZPL printers, but none of them will print using the older drivers. Who can I contact so I use the new barcode printers? Thanks in advance.

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                Just to elaborate on Tom's solution a little, we (<a href="http://www.systima.ie">Systima Ltd.</a>) had a similar problem in that we needed to print from input trays 1-5 on a Ricoh MP4500 (amongst others). Finding that the HP drivers worked for trays 1 & 2 but not the others, we decided to create our own Ricoh.ics file.<br /><br />The steps were as follows:<br />1. Copying an existing "ics" file (one that was a close match)<br />2. Creating a new "its" include file with the correct manufacturer tray numbers (see below)<br />3. Changing the "include hptray1.its" line to "include ricoh.its"<br />4. Compiling templates using new Presentment Target<br /><br />*************** Ricoh.its **************************************<br />;  Input trays:  Format= "InputTray <jetform ID> <printer tray> [<tray name>]<br /><br />InputTray   0   0    ; Current tray<br />InputTray   1   8    ; Tray 1 (MP tray)<br />InputTray   2   1    ; Tray 2<br />InputTray   3   4    ; Tray 3<br />InputTray   4   30   ; Tray 3<br />InputTray   5   5    ; Tray 3<br />InputTray   7   7    ; Auto Select<br />InputTray   8   2    ; Manual feed<br /><br />DefaultTray     7               ; On a new form default to input tray 7<br />*****************************************************************<br /><br />Hope this helps,<br />Colm
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                  Thank you. We modified the ICS tray assignment of the printer closest to what we needed. It worked like a champ. Thanks for the info on the '.its'. It would have been ideal for our situation.
                  Much appreciated,