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    Printer drivers

      I am designing forms for an HP4050N printer in Jetform ver 5.3.2. I've been using the Generic Postscript L1 driver & so far all is well. However, I'm now trying to setup a new form to print from the manual tray instead of the lower drawer & am having trouble. Someone suggested it is the driver I'm using. I'm looking in my printer setup list but don't see one for the HP4050N.

      Rather than try every one of the other HP drivers to see if an alternative will work, I thought I'd ask where I can get the actual driver for my printer. Anyone know where I could find it??

      Barry Reddington
      Reddy Service Inc
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          While testing, I found a driver that will work & allow printing to the upper tray.

          However, I am still looking for support on some other issues for JetForm Design. Anyone know where I can post issues (different forum??) or get tech support? There appears to be nothing on the Adobe site referencing JetForm.
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            The Output Designer & Output Server forums are for the "JetForm" products.

            Instead of testing various drivers, hoping to find one that draws from the tray you want without introducing some other problem, why not configure one works except for the trays to send the proper input tray command number.

            It is a simple matter to change the "InputTray" values in the .ICS file found in the "...\config" folder. Trial & error should (fairly) quickly identify the proper value for each tray (at least it has worked for me with four different printers). Check out the topic immediately prior to this one.
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              Try staring your print job using argument -ati#, were # represent a number. You'll find the right tray number quite fast.

              E.g ^job INVOICE -fmy-invoce.mdf -ati4

              If you get the printers manual, you'll find the correct number there. Search HP.com for online pdf manuals.

              Your HP 4050 should work with any of the HP laserjet 4 drivers.