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    Success or not

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      How can i get a result from output server that tells me if outputserver succeed in processing my job ?
      I don't want to scan directorys for files.

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          We do the opposite by doing a notification if the job fails. When a Central agent fails (and sets a non-zero return code) it causes Central to run the JFERROR task immediately after the failing job completes. We wrote a program that this task executes to send a notification regarding the failure.

          For what you are wanting, a notification regarding success, you would write a program that sends the successful notification message. You would set up your job to run this task as the last one. You would flag all prior tasks to stop processing the job upon a failure. Thus, if this program runs, all preceding tasks completed successfully and the message would be sent.

          The notifications that we do include emails to an administrative account that some people monitor, an email to a fixed set of people (HQ and local office techs) as well as an IP message to the originator that pops up as the topmost window when a message arrives. Of course, we had to write an IP port monitor program that runs on every user's PC to watch for those messages. We have other programs in place for automatically retrying certain failures and to help us to manually correct and requeue other types of failures.
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            You might want to look into the task JFERROR. It is started whenever a transaction fails, before the file is moved to 'error'.

            This does not tell you whether a transaction was successful, only when it fails.

            If you need confirmation of a successful completion, you may add another task at the end of the job that indicates the success. Make sure to set 'Stop' for 'On error' on the previous tasks to prevent the last task to run if another fails.

            Hope this helps,
            Vegard Bakke
            eProcess Consulting AS