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    When to add a new instance of central?

      If i have 1500 jobs sent daily by 100 users, how many instances of central should i install?
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          The best thing to do is to check the log file to see if the jobs are coming in frequently enough that they are backing up. Then determine if the amount of time they are backing up causes an inconvenience to the users. If there is no problem with a couple minute delay then I doubt if you have a need for multiple instances. If a delay is unacceptable, then multiple instances would be worthwhile (assuming the hardware & such support it adequately). In our case the jobs are FTP'd to the collector folder so I can compare the FTP log to Central's log to see what type of delay might be occurring. If you don't have an input log, then you might get an idea of a backlog occurring by seeing why type of time gap (if any) there is from the completion of one job to the beginning of the next. Time gaps of even a second indicates no delay.

          We are not up to your volume yet so we are currently getting by with a single instance (our largest site of 150 users averaged a bit more than 250 forms per day in April). The jobs processed at this site average 5-8 seconds in duration so with this volume any delays are minimal. The "server" supporting that volume is a Dell GX260 workstation. We expect the volume to increase near to yours in a few months so we have real multi-processor servers on order. We will have some automated "batch" processes going at that time and our users won't tolerate much in the way of delays so we intend to install these new servers with multiple instances.

          We have a "real" server in HQ that is used for some of the same job mix plus it does all the SQL FormsGen database updating for our entire organization. It averaged over 1600 jobs a day during April with these jobs taking a bit less time than those on the workstation/servers. We don't see much delay on this server but since our job count is expected to more than triple by this summer it will also be using multiple instances.

          Keep in mind that multiple instances will use up more CPU cycles and memory. If the hardware doesn't support this requirement adequately (i.e. CPU cycles just aren't there or memory is short so it starts doing a bunch of paging) there will be a point of decreasing return. With our current equipment I believe we could adequately do 2 instances but a third would probably start creating a negative impact on overall job duration.