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    Trans Agent: extraction table termination characters

      Hi,<br /><br />I am putting together a transformation script.<br /><br />One of the fields I am extracting (customer) in the Exctration Table continues to the end of the line.  The field is of variable length, and hence the line length is variable.  To allow for the possible longest value I have set the extract size up for 11 characters.  However, when the field is less that this I get the end-of-line character (<LF> I think) as part of the data.<br /><br />I thought about using the Termination Character on the Extraction table to suppress this, but I can not find any examples of its use.  Neither does the manual cover how to specify non-alphanumerics.<br /><br />I also tried using the #let statement in my script, with the various functions (e.g. ltrim, rtrim...) but I cannot find one that helps.<br /><br />How can I extract this variable length field at the end of the line?<br /><br />Many thanks in advance,<br /><br />Stephen