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    INVPASS - Two Copies Print

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      I keep getting two copies of a print and I'm not sure why. Other prints only print me one copy. I've looked through settings and the jfpreamble and I don't see anywhere on the form that is set for 2 copies.

      On the server, we have two tasks set up for this job. INVPASS1 and INVPASS2. Other jobs only have the jfmerge task set up, and they only print once. (This job does not have the jfmerge task setup, only INVPASS1 & 2.)

      I searched all PDFs on my box for INVPASS, and nothing came up. What do these tasks do, and could they be causing me to get two copies printed instead of just one?

      The search on these forums give me nothing for INVPASS.

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          INVPASSx are not tasks that come with the software (at least they didn't with mine). Therefore, they are ones that someone has custom built on your server. You will need to examine the task definitions to see what program is actually being ran (it is possible they are both running jfmerge). Also, the command line parameters that they use could be important since the number of copies can be specified.

          Too bad you don't have direct access to the server, at least for examining files. FYI: the tasks are defined in the "job management database" and, even though this is a standard text file, it is not very eyeball friendly; using the Central Control software to view/edit the database is the best method.