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    Preview in Citrix environment

      do anyone have experience on how to get Preview to work in an Citrix environment.
      Output server sends preview to an IP adress, but older versions of Citrix don't support this.

      Anyone with workaround or something here?

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          "Preview" is producing a PDF and then the 'normal' process is to send it back to the 'requesting' IP # where it is received by the "View Manager" and subsequently loaded into Acrobat Reader for viewing.

          If your software does not support this type of operation then you will probably have to set up the job on the server to place the PDF in some location that is accessable by the user. Then the user will have to search that location, looking for the PDF file and then manually loading it into Acrobat Reader.

          If you don't customize the job/task considerable for each user it will be placing everyone's files, with random-generated names, in the same location. If the user's don't delete them there will be lots of odd-named files there and it will be extreamly difficult to determine which one is for the form they just requested.

          One way to customize this process for a specific user would be to have a user-id put on the 'job' statement perhaps as the 'job id' parameter (-ajiXXXXXXXX). Then for the task that creates the PDF this information could be used in building the output file location or file name by referencing the '@JobID' variable. It might also be possible to use the '@PhysicalDev' parameter (-zXXXXX option on the 'job' statement) for part of this information.

          For example:

          >^job PV -zGEORGE -ijiFORMNAME ...

          and a task definition similar to the supplied JFPVMRG that includes the parameter


          which should be resolved into


          causing the PDF file to be created in the folder "GEORGE" as the file name "FORMNAME.pdf".

          I've never done this so I can't guaranty it will work but it is worthwhile to pursue if the IP transfer does not work for you.