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    Defining variables

    _MDI_ Level 1
      I am trying to map some field through the use of an external script file. I want to use different files basing the choice on a variable's value.

      So I pass the option "-advVAR=VALUE" by the "^JOB" line I have in the spool.

      The problem is that the script cannot find the variable as defined.

      It seems the -adv option doesn't work. If I use the -adp, it works, even if, to make it work, I have to use it in both the start-of-file script and in the section:* script...
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          _MDI_ Level 1
          I've also seen that pre-defined variables don't work.
          I've a field named "Cognome" wich is mapped like this:

          b ^field Cognome

          b @Cognome

          I've changed it in:

          b ^field Cognome

          b @$date3.@Cognome

          but nothing is printed for @$date3.

          Anybody knows how to handle variables in scripts?...
          I would like to be able to recognize a variable passed with -adv option in the JOB command line.