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    "Data exceeds field. Spillage may be discarded." Warning

      Does anybody know why I get this warning for many fields:

      2006/03/03 10:22:52 WinMerge: [166]Data exceeds field 'CEMEWAGY'. Spillage may be discarded.

      I get it for some of them, not all, but there's no distinction between them. I was told it was ok, and I really have no problems with the forms being generated.

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          This message happens when the data characters to be put into a field are larger than the field size. Trying to put 12 characters in a 10 character field will drop the last two characters. Also, the type of font used will affect the number of characters that will fit in a field. Some characters (e.g. "W"'s an "M"'s) are larger in a non-proportional font. The name "WIMMER" will not fit in a 6 character name field using Time New Roman.
          Increase the field sizes 1-2 characters to resolve the issue.
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            _MDI_ Level 1
            Sometimes the field width is OK, but I found that also the vertical dimension can produce this error.

            Actually I don't know how to solve it, since JetForm automatically adjust the field graphical-size according to the defined character-size.

            Do you know how to solve it?
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              When I have the log file verbosity set "high" I see this all the time. There is at least one other message that comes out in error (156). What I did was to change the verbosity for 156 to zero (166 already is) and then set the log file verbosity to 10. That way I don't see either of them as they always seem to not actually trunc8 anything because I've never found the actual data to exceed the defined field length. If I need to do some debugging and set the verbosity high I just ignore these.
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                _MDI_ Level 1
                I found the reason.

                In the transformation field-by-field file, I separated each "^field" command with a blank line, like that:

                ^field field1

                ^field field2

                JetForm treat ALL THE DATA between two ^field commands as the data for the field. So actually data for field1 is "Data1" plus a blank line. When the text-box for field1 is just one line (as expected), JetForm gives those "spillage" error because it finds two lines of data for field1, even if the second line is blank.

                Eliminating blank lines between each ^field command solved the problem without modification to the log verbosity.

                Thank you very much for your support!