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    Creating multiple output files using Visual Transformation Editor


      I would be very thankeful if someone could explain to me in just a few steps what I should do to solve a following problem;

      I defined a .tdf file which transformes an input line data into field nominated.The input file is line data from AS/400, logicaly devided in 20 sections (20 times selected 3 areas,name date and number).When I start "Central" which is set to give a .pdf file as output(same thing happens when I send it on network printer) I get only one template form in which all of the 20 sections are written, one over each other.I should get 20 templates fill with singular data but I simply can not find a way to do it.Do I define something when I design template in "Output Designer" or do I need to set something when I define a .tdf file in "Visual Transformation Editor"?I defined a File Boundary in Visual Transformation Editor and from what I can see in graphical interface it devides this logical sections just fine.

      Thanks in advance.
      P.S.I use "Output Designer 5.6", and "Present Central Pro 5.6" on Windows platform.