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    [393]Error downloading font '(Troy E-13B)', font not licensed

      I am getting this error trying to use the Fonts that came with my
      Troy MICR printer. Does anyone know what this message means??

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          You can try to modify the Font License section of the jfmerge.ini file:
          ; In the following section, add the typeface names of fonts licensed for use
          ; on this machine and for the intended use of generated output. Set the value
          ; to TT and/or T1 depending on whether the licensed font is TrueType and/or
          ; Type 1. TrueType fonts include those OpenType fonts containing TrueType
          ; glyphs.
          ; eg. typefacename1=T1 (licensed for Type 1)
          ; typefacename2=TT T1 (licensed for TrueType and Type 1)

          Good luck