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    Manage Jobs in Adobe Central Server


      I've defined a number of jobs in Central's Job Management Database. Is there an easy way to export these jobs, so that I can easily redeploy them on a different Central Server instance?

      I was also wondering whether it's possible to change the name of an existing job?


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          Redeploying the Job Management Database is simply a matter of copying the
          b jfserver.jmd
          file from the original folder to the other instances and/or servers. The jfserver.jmd file is where the database is stored. It is located in the ...\ServerX folder. (I'm about to do that myself to distribute a change I just made.) Keep in mind that deploying the JMD file doesn't cause Central to begin using the updated file. Central must be told to specifically reload it via the Control menu, by placing a file in the control folder that has the commands for reloading it, or by stopping & restarting Central.

          Depending on how the multiple instances were installed the first instance is named "Server" while the other instanaces (default installation) will have a number starting with 2 as a suffix.

          FYI: This is a standard text file that can be read & editted by any program that can edit text files. For example, we use it as input to routines that want to build a drop-down list of available printers.

          You can't change the name of jobs/tasks/printers but you can copy & paste. The paste operation asks for a new name.
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            Ok, thanks again for your help Tom.
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              but what is the situation if you are using Linux version of central? You cant't use central control, b/c it's not there ;). We wrote some scripts to change, redeploy jmd files and i must say, that they are not as simple sa Central Control.